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For Founders

Our Founder Friendly Approach to Growth Equity

We Are Growth Investors

We’re not VC’s. The early stage, VC ‘hits’ model means a few companies deliver the fund returns while the rest face higher risk of failing or stagnating. We diligently pursue the big wins, and take an active role in helping each portfolio company succeed.

Your Equity is Top Priority

We fund investments to your specific cash needs not to what a particular fund size requires. Billion-dollar funds need to write big checks to make the numbers work. We target big valuation step-ups 18-24 months out. This means you keep more equity.

Partial Founder Liquidity is Important

Bootstrapping companies is tough. We celebrate the success of founders and understand the importance of separating company and personal balance sheets with partial liquidity upfront.

Collaborative Partners

We love what we do and enjoy being active partners with founder-led companies. We leverage experience, people, technology, and services to increase the probability of a big outcome. We also respect that management needs to run the business.

Patience is a Virtue

First time founders, CxO’s that are really director-level, no management, technical debt, weak board books, no board books, unaudited number…We’ve seen it all. We understand that in order to ensure the best outcome, we need to exercise flexibility and patience to successful work through it all.

Proven Model

Whether it’s hiring executives, building an outbound sales team, scaling engineering, adding systems and processes, expanding TAM, moving from SMB to enterprise or any and all of these, we have the resources you need with a proven track record for success. We continue to invest in and expand our portfolio support capabilities in a unique, proprietary way. 

Maximize the Exit

Building category-leading, lasting businesses, whether stand-alone or acquired, is the goal.  We’ve advised and/or exited more than 200 companies and pride ourselves in being expert marketers of your equity to maximize the big win.