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We invest in capital-efficient SaaS companies ready to take the next big jump.

Frank wanted a partner to help him become a public company.

Impartner needed a CEO… we had the perfect match.

Khaled wanted the right partner to help build a visionary outcome.

We developed our team to help you grow yours

SaleSavant and DevSavant software and services were created for Savant Growth’s portfolio companies and are available and optional upon request.

Our SaaS platform at SaleSavant uses data analytics to improve sales and marketing workflows at portfolio companies.

– Available exclusively for portfolio companies. –

“SaleSavant helps us spot the ‘whales’ in our product-led growth sales model so we can follow up quickly and not let opportunities fall through the cracks.”

-Jeremy Nazarian, CMO Fulcrum

Our in-house team of 100+ software developers and operations experts at DevSavant is exclusively dedicated to offer our portfolio companies: Product Development, AI enablement and Data warehousing among others.

-Developers available exclusively for portfolio companies.-

“DevSavant has helped us scale our engineering team quickly and have contributed to a number of our AI innovations.”

-Jason Melo, CTO Crossborder

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