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Our Entrepreneurial Story​

Our founder roots run deep. Seeded in tech, we cut our teeth in financial advisory and had advised over 200 tech firms in high-value outcomes. Operators at heart, we launched Kennet’s US presence in 2000 with a focus on founder-led bootstrapped companies.

Over 20 years, we took an entrepreneurial approach to international investing: combining analytics, talent, and capital to cultivate over 50 high growth ventures with almost $1 billion invested globally. In 2021, Kennet recapitalized, and the North American and European teams restructured to focus on their respective markets.

The result is Savant Growth. A US fund with a powerful software and operations platform dedicated to accelerating growth for capital-efficient SaaS companies.

Our mission is to help our founders/CEOs build high growth market-leading companies. We don’t work alone. We have the power of our operations platform through DevSavant & SaleSavant. We continue to partner with Kennet, managing Kennet V’s US investment program. Together, we work to achieve global market leadership for our companies.

Core Values in Action​

Good Judgement

At our annual AI Summit, we gather CEOs and CTOs to share best practices adopting AI and solving tech-growth challenges. The summit drives product innovation and new relationships to support each other’s success.