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Frank M. Fawzi


«The Savant Growth Team brings tremendous vision and resources to support our growth. They have worked as partners even throughout challenges. Devsavant have been a major contributor to our data warehousing and AI initiatives.»

Intelepeer is a C-PaaS provider (communications platform as a service) that provides low-code / no-code application integration, workflows and NLP for SMS, voice calls, messaging to enterprises and call centers. The team needed help from the right partner to create their expansion plans and support development efforts. Savant Growth worked in lock step with Inteleeper’s CEO, Frank Fawzi, to develop strategic initiatives that drove new products, customer intelligence, and the resources necessary to scale operations to support rapid growth.

Location: San Mateo, California

Investment Date: 2006

Sector: Enterprise Software & Services

Website: intelepeer.com