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“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.” – Michael Jordan.

Going above and beyond to make things happen—both big and small–is Francesco Mantica’s approach to providing value add for founders. Francesco heads Savant Growth’s deal sourcing, operations, and investment due-diligence process.

“It’s about putting yourself in founders’ shoes,” he says. “I believe that to truly help portfolio companies, not only do we need to help guide their strategic vision, we also must get into the weeds and trenches with them. Leveraging data insights is a great weapon to help our founders operate more efficiently, scale at a faster clip, evaluate, and take forward action on the most effective strategies.”

After 13 years in technology and SaaS investing, Francesco recognizes the hard work does not stop post-due diligence. He believes the key to delivering value to portfolio companies also means going beyond AI and data analytics. By providing practical solutions to day-to-day operations bottlenecks, Savant Growth’s founder-led portfolio companies can immediately reduce the time spent on tactical nuts-and-bolts and managing every last detail.

“Our team allows founders to immediately free up valuable mind space and focus on growing their businesses.”

In addition to his investment experience, Francesco has helped support Savant Growth portfolio company, Conversica, in product management and business development roles. He started his career at Kinetic Networks where his client was Google. Francesco holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Pennsylvania.

When not working, Francesco relishes his time with friends and family. He believes strongly in immersion travel and gravitates toward the ocean—especially deep-sea fishing. “The thrill of the chase can be just as rewarding as a big catch… this reminds me of the relentless spirit of our bootstrapped-founders.”


Current Companies
  • Fulcrum
  • Onfleet