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“One of my favorite words is ‘swing’.  It’s a term used in rowing to describe a kind of ideal state of harmony when all rowers are in perfect sync. The boat feels like its flying above the water. Getting there is really difficult but it’s an extraordinary feeling when you achieve it.”

Eric earned his undergrad business degree at Wharton as well as a National Champion crew title. Early in his career, Eric joined a mid-market M&A advisory firm. “It was an amazing time to be in tech banking, the high-speed plumbing for the Internet was booming, companies with no revenue were being bought as a multiple of analog designers, we were doing a deal a month, if not more.” But some businesses he represented were bootstrapped founders who had bet their fortunes on a shoestring.  How these companies achieved so much from so little fascinated Eric.  It strongly influenced his move to private equity.

Eric’s proudest career achievement has been his work as Managing Director at Kennet for the past 20 years. He relishes in the “swing” of creating value vicariously through the entrepreneurs he invests in, most recently focusing on founder-led B2B SaaS software companies that leverage AI to automate business processes along the customer lifecycle.

As a native Michigander and Floridian, Eric’s love of golf and water is surpassed only by partnering with his daughter in building the best Halloween props and being his son’s chief sports card advisor.  His guilty pleasure is doing it all with his wife, Sara.


Current Companies
  • Conversica
  • Experience.com
  • Impartner
  • ThinkHR
Prior Exists
  • Kemp Technologies
  • Recommind
  • Schoolwires
  • Netpro Computing
  • Consul Risk Management