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Sebastian Blandon

Sebastian Blandon

Chief Development Officer

Former COO at JAYA Company LLC, a software outsourcing company that provides services to companies in US and EU. He has over eight years of experience working as a software engineer for companies and startups from USA, Latam and Europe, helping them to build teams and organize software development planning and execution.

Graduate as air operations officer from the Antioquia flight academy, with a deepening degree in CS and political Science from Wesleyan Nebraska University. Before joining JAYA worked for companies like Copa airlines, Kawasaki and Gallop. Then led and co-founded JAYA Company.

In 2020 Sebastian co-founded DevSavant with Javier Rojas, Eric Filipek, Francesco Mantica and Daniel Pena, a software outsourcing company that provides services exclusively to the portfolio company of Savant Growth, where he currently works as Chief Development Officer.